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You are your village's Warlock, Dougatha, in charge of the commonplace rituals and sacrifices of the livestock to your God!

Press the SPACEBAR to drop the knife on the 'Goat Sacrifices' and gather the blood of slaughtered animals for your cruel pagan God. Be careful not to miss or hit one of your humble townsfolk, or you'll lose a soul! If you run out of souls, well, you die! The more blood you collect, the better daggers you can purchase, thus increasing your blood harvest speed.

Every 100 goats you slay, you will gain the trust of the neighbouring Warlocks, as they join you with the build up of the Goat Ritual. Reach 500 Goats Slain, and 100000 Blood to successfully complete the ritual. Good Luck.

Programming - Daniel Crewdson

Art - Danny Dale-Tucker / Georgia Higgins

Design - Ben Percival

Sound / Music - Mike Martin

Install instructions

Just simply download the .zip folder, extract it wherever you want, and run the Sacrificium_Windows.exe


Sacrificium.zip 24 MB

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