A downloadable game for Windows

Mission Report On Project Crying Laughing Face:
(Date: 22 January, 2017)

Soldier ████ arrived safely at the target suburb.
Upon arrival he sighted the ██████ and applied lethal waves as instructed.
████████ was nowhere to be found, and as briefed ████ fell back to plan B.

After a valiant effort to protect the civilian life in the neighborhood he was overrun by the ████ and I was told died a painful death.

Let's hope whoever goes next does not suffer the same fate.

A game created in 48hrs during GGJ 2017 by:
Daniel Crewdson - Programming
Alex Turner - Programming
Danny Dale-Tucker - Art
Alexander Vining - Animation

Install instructions

Extract the zip and run the .exe.


ModernWaveFare.zip 17 MB